Welcome to the Shepard Project!  We are a program focused on improving the lives of LGBT+ youth in Augusta, Georgia.

The Shepard Project is a teen hangout/safespace program for teens age 14-17 in Augusta, Georgia. Join us twice each month for food and fun, with other LGBTQ+ teens and allies.  Please contact us or check our Facebook feed (on this page) to confirm next meeting time and location.

Those 18-25 are welcome as well, as Youth Mentors, and we're always looking for chaperones 25+.  Please see our About page for more information on opportunities for adults to get involved.

Wondering what to expect at a TSP hangout? So are we!

We want this to be what YOU want and need. So, we'll provide snacks and the space, but we don't really have every moment planned. If you need to do homework, feel free to bring it. We have some board games, movies and a small TV, a Wii, a bluetooth speaker for music, and a place to just be yourself.

Please let us know if there is anything else you want TSP to be, or anything else we can do for you!